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Decracy Is The World’s Fastest Blockchain - Performing At 35K TPS - Totaling To More Transactions Per Second than Solana, Cardano, Polygon, Polkadot, Algorand, Avalanche, ICP, Hedera, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Combined. Founded to transform our social structures and provision participation counts of billions - providing unorthodox solutions to the Global world.


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Engineered By A Team From


The unforked ledger of Ethereum. Preserving the original ledger of the Ethereum blockchain.

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The Ouroborous project. Integrating Altered Proof of Stake to form their consensus.

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Amazon is the world's largest retailer outside of China.

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The largest private blockchain, used by enterprises for non-public solution. Developed by the Linux Foundation. Used by fortune 500's.

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Bank Of America is the second-largest banking institution in the United States.

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The Royal Bank of Canada. Servicing 17 Million Members as the largest Financial Institution in Canada by Market Capitalization.

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Nem is a business and enteprise tailored solution. Live Since 2015.

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NEO is Asia's leading Ethereum competitor, developing Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus.

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A Token Issuance, contract solution. Building Lease Proof of Stake for their chain.

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Fantom is a Byzantine Fault Tolerant service. Using Proof of Stake to extend their consensus.

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IOHK is the primary Cardano development firm, leading the Cardano and Ethereum Classic ecosystem development.

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Ethereum Layer 2 Solution. Bringing Plasma technogy to Ethereum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in the freedom and value of knowledge.

1. What is Decracy?

Decracy is a world-essenced revolution providing global, usable, open-source innovations to galvanize and transform the world.

2. Is Decracy Classical or Nakamoto Based?

Decracy is a permissionless creation of an evolutionary consensus titled 'Demokratia'. Engining uncompromisable consensus at world participation, with 35K TPS execution. Re-inventing real-world democracy and detaching from both fossil and degrading consensus algorithms.

3. How is Decracy Governed?

Decracy's global, permissionless, open-source element allows for the world as collective participants to govern its present, near term, and vital future. This includes you.

4. What is the Global Equity Airdrop?

The Global Airdrop is the first distribution in the world to emancipate the social structure of millions, embracing citizens from 27 of the lowest wage earning nations in the globe to sanction each with climacteric, pivotal, impactful equity.

1. How Do I Support Decracy?

The Global, international, innate action to advance our change is by accessing the global designed Contribution system and contributing as self-intentionedly wished.

2. What Contribution Forms are Accepted?

The contribution forms accepted for global change are the currencies Bitcoin, Doge, Litecoin, Monero.

3. Will I Receive DCA for My Contributions?

Decracy received contributions are destined for the essence to realize world impact and social change. The delivery of DCA tokens are secondary and of non definitive order.

4. How To Invite Family/Friends?

Decracy makes it available for anyone to refer their family, friends, and global acquaintances to the official Contribution Event. Placing the user-intended Contribution system accessible to anyone who may desire to refer their loved ones and close acquaintances. In turn, special bonuses are organized based on the contributions made by the referee's.

1. How Does Decracy Remain Secure?

Security, within the network, has been provisioned from the ground-up, ensuring Decracy’s offering to stand the test of time in remaining monumentally existential through centuries to come. The Global Decracy construct, infused with the Demokratia and atomo consensus protocol provide the guarantee of world availability and world persistence during any network environment.

2. How Does Decracy's Demokratia consensus Function?

The design of Demokratia's Global, performant, decentralized, post-quantum, Byzantine fault-tolerant, robust, scalable, leaderless, quiescent, meta-stable, secure, and green consensus algorithm can be read here.

1. When Is Decracy Expected to Launch?

Decracy’s first global impact is destined for Q1 2025.

2. When is the Core Function to Launch?

The Global Core Function intended to realize Global revolution is to be deployed Q1 2025.

3. When Do Global Decracy Layers Go Live?

The intentional release of all social revolutionizing constructs are to be released Q2 2025.